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romney, canceling plans to visit virginia today. he's switched his visit to ohio. he has a rally at the top of the hour in the city of seof salina. and those voters in the battleground states are finding a mitt-zine. it is paid for by a super pac is in ohio, iowa, wisconsin, colorado, and virginia. >>> few elections have seen the country as such an ideological crossroads. what happens on november 7th? and the four years that follow? what does it say about the american people? joining me for this discussion, blanche lincoln, retired admiral and former democratic congressman, joe sestak, and a professor at lehigh university. thank you for being here. >> senator lincoln, we like to go ladies first. what is the message that the american people are sending if they elect mitt romney? >> well, i think it's so close right now that the message is the same to both of them. the american people truly want thoughtful leadership, they want results more than anything. and they want somebody that's going to bring together people to work together, you know, to deal with the issues that we ha have
that will be voting for mitt romney. it is a devastating blow to the senate will go gop chances. -- senate gop put the chances. >> can you attribute that to female voters? males,s do it, and some too. the remarks did not sit well with either gender. the woman's vote is so important. this is something debt changed poll number -- that changed poll numbers right after the remarks. >> as far as today is concerned, where does senator brown -- brown stand? >> a lot of corporate money has gone after sherrod brown, who has run an interesting campaign. he is a liberal, and calls himself as a crowd progress of -- calls himself a proud progressive. he is not tried to portray himself as a moderate. he has gone against-banned all -- -mandel, but brown has said he would be up double digits if it were not the outside money targeting a sherrod brown. right now, he might be able to hold off mandel, and that is a surprise because a couple of years ago you would think that brown would lose in that state because it is will be record is very liberal. -- because his voting record is very liberal. >> we just saw jeff fl
't you do that? because he tells the voters what they think they want to hear. >> moderator: can you clarify for me or you suggesting that mitt romney in the debate where he used the reference of big bird that he wasn't talking about the big bird from sesame street that i understand you right on that? - when president obama first raised the issue what he is really saying is we have to watch out for the big yellow word which is china. as the mitt romney is the one that brought it up. >> he brought it up second. >> mr. sanders can you respond to what mr. moss said? sanders: in the transportation bill we are going to bring in over $400 million into the state of vermont to rebuild our roads and bridges and put money in and create a whole lot of jobs and the last few years we've greatly expanded community health centers for hundred thousand 20 vermonters are accessing the primary health care through community health centers creating jobs there as well. we have expanded veterans' programs in the state of vermont so that is all over the state created jobs. >> moderator: let's talk about gri
, overperformance it seems in the polls in a state like ohio that romney can have such an impressive election day. so i think it's really a question of what does the electorate look like? is the obama coalition of african-americans, hispanics, women and younger voters, as sizeable as they expect it to be that it keeps that edge all the way through election day. >> you know, john, the other thing is what's the evidence that undecideds have broken in one direction in a presidential race? basically the only evidence everybody points to is back to 1980. you can't actually find -- i went back and looked at all of the polling before 2000 before '04, before '08 and the electoral projections based on all of the polling that we trusted in the good polling we were very careful we didn't just use any old robo poll at the time, same with what we do here, and they were right in line. and it's a proof that the undecided vote, just like in '04, happened again in 2000, happened in '08, and it's likely to happen now, only breaks about 55/45 in favor of one candidate over the other. so there isn't this heavy break
history these are things voters wanted to know and have tripped up potential candidates in the past. >> those are all legitimate. let me follow up with that question. having said that do you think mitt romney should release his tax record? >> i do. >> i think this is an issue of trying to avoid the challenges we have as a country. we need to focus on getting our education systems back to leading the world. these are issues we are talking about. >> let's talk about that conversation with this question and congressman dole i begin with you. do you believe that tax cuts for the wealthy stimulate the economy? >> i believe that keeping tax rates low are certainly going to be helpful. president obama said in 2010 in a fradge jill economy we should not be raising rates. that's when the economy was growing at 3% and they had to adjust it down to 1.%. i asked my opponent how raising taxes was going to help people get employed and help the small businesses that are struggling right now, how is it going to help them hire that next individual and there was no answer. >> do you believe tax cuts
already voted. as you can see early voters 50% voting for president obama. obama, 44% for mitt romney. election day that means mitt romney has to get 53% of the vote in florida if he's going to win. so that is a pretty hefty tag to run up. that's all according to the obama campaign. in iowa over a third of voters have already voted there. and among those early voters, you can see 64% of those are supporting barack obama. 35% of them are supporting mitt romney. and that means that mitt romney is going to need to win 59% of election-day voters. in north carolina, nearly half of all ballots have already been cast. and of those who have already been cast, 58% of those early voters favor the president. 41% of those favor mitt romney. so mitt romney is going to need to win 57% of north carolina on election day. we're seeing that pattern play out in the other swing states, too, like nevada, virginia, wisconsin. so the republicans are trying to make up ground. in florida we're seeing this because republican leaders are on a two-day bus tour promoting early voting. here is romney florida campa
swing state voters while saying just how tough he and romney really are. >> we can't keep doing this. look, mitt romney and i can handle whatever they're going to throw at us for the next five days. >> while vice president joe biden has, indeed, been offering his advice on the topic here, early voting. >> if you vote early, you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry, i'm being told that's not accurate. >> that's not accurate. >> single and looking to mingle? find that special someone in the early voting line. early voters receive a $5 million donation from donald trump. >> wow. >> honestly, don't you want this election over with already? >> yes, we do. >> pretty good. and check out >>> stories making news on this friday morning. the cia has released a detailed time line of this september's attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. it shows that security officers went to the aid of american diplomats less than 25 minutes after the first call for help. and the agency specifically denied allegations that personnel were ordered to stand down. >>> a senior secret service agent who served
'm looking at the story in wisconsin, the romney watchers have been trained to mislead voters. they confirm that the materials they are using in training are misleading. for instance convicted felons are ineligible to vote in wisconsin, and that's not true. >> yeah it's suspicious especially coming from a campaign in virginia that tried to have 16,000 voter registrations thrown out, simply because they feared that people might vote for the other guy. it's one thing to contest votes, it is one thing to contest voters, it's something else to contest voter registration. and that hyper[ inaudible ] of the process is just something we have to back off of. we have to get back into a place where everybody in this country should have the right to vote and voting is a right, not a privilege. >> stephanie: exactly, ben. and i think it's telling, particularly in this wisconsin case they instructed their poll watchers not to disclose any affiliation with the campaign. they were told to list themselves as concerned citizens. >> yeah that's -- look that's -- that's high
but most think obama will win. it is the electoral path and all of that stuff. 53% of all voters, let's see actually they're tied. obama at 47. 53% obama will win. 29% romney will win. analysts and pollsters. >> steph, you and i can go back to drinking a bottle of wine a night and not more. we can kind of chill. >> stephanie: i have been drinking a lot. i've been saying i had post-traumatic polling disorder. you see the polls. you're like -- >> i can't sleep at night. i have nightmares about romney. >> red wine doesn't mix with nyquil. >> stephanie: it did for me. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] we were just talking about this. headline, why hurricane sandy might cost obama the popular vote but not the presidency. people are going how is this going to affect -- because obviously he's way ahead in early voting. in a lot of the states, early voting has been shut down in eastern states however so in the -- they're saying it could knock out power for at least a week. that's what roland was telling me this mornin
: so good luck to you. as a voter which guy would you go for? >> look, i don't think that romney's rhetoric really is that. he may think that we need more efficiently or spend their money and i think we should. i think to the extent we can do that at the state and local level, we're all better off. the reality is going to hit all of us. that we're borrowing 40 cents of every dollar. we've got to do something to make things better. financially in this country. that's the reality. the republicans and democrats are going to face. it then becomes a question of how do you do that. >> cenk: michael brown former fema direct o under george w. bush. thank you so much for joining us. we really do appreciate it. >> thank you guys. good conversation. >> cenk: thank you. and when we come back, well, obviously i'm not buying what the republicans are selling and i'm about to show you why you shouldn't be buying it either. i'm going to show you lie after lie after lie that's been going on in this campaign. it i
and jeb bush. paul ryan will be in wisconsin. romney allegedly took the day off yesterday from campaigning and engaged in what was branded as a storm relief benin stead of a rally but voters show that donors were asked to wait until the candidate turned up to give their donated goods. goods which the red cross neither needed nor wanted. >> photo op. >> it wreaks a lot of the paul ryan soup kitchen photo op and the red cross wants money not goods or even blood donations at this point. the campaign played romney's bio video, the one he played at the republican convention, when asked about fema, he refused to answer questions. we'll be right (vo) brought to you by metlife. stay tuned for the answer. (vo) brought to you by metlife. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: apologize to those listening on the radio. jim has pr
to do good for others. we hope to be able to say the same of mitt romney. we can't. [ applause ] >> stephanie: then they say what ohio voters are concerned about this year's election. increasingly likely to determine its outcome for the nation. the choice is clear. a momentous ohioans will serve their best interest. by re-electing president barack obama. >> pbo. >> stephanie: that's short hand on twitter for president barack obama. >> stephanie: i prefer p.o.t.u.s. >> that's longer. >> you only have 140 characters. you have to shorten as much as you can. >> i know you don't tweet. >> stephanie: 47 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: join the party. 1-800-steph-12. to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. [ ryan ] it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endl
Search Results 1,000 to 1,013 of about 1,014 (some duplicates have been removed)